WCW October 1996 Hogan Savage at Havoc. More N.W.O, and a surprise Debut.


The N.W.O now consisted of the founding members Hogan, Hall (formally Ramon) and Nash (formally Diesel), Syxx (formally 123 Kid), The Giant, Billionaire Ted (formally the million dolor man), Vincent (formally Virgil) and Elizabeth . Throughout October the faction continued their terrorizing of the WCW picking up various targets.


The Giant was feuding with Ric Flair. However Jeff Jarrett was substituting for flair saying he would beat the Giant. Ric Flair would be in his corner for Halloween Havoc


The outsiders Hall and Nash attacked the WCW tag team champions Harlem Heat then went back through the crowd. N.W.O members could still only compete on WCW Saturday Night on a special part of the program that was dubbed N.W.O Saturday night. There was still a ruling that only N.W.O members that were champions could compete on Nitro. A match was set for Havoc pitting the Outsiders against Harlem Heat for the WCW tag team belts. In another N.W.O feud Syxx would go up against Chris Jericho at Havoc. The group continued running promos predicting they would all be victorious at Havoc.


The match with the most emphasis on Nitro was between Hogan and Savage. On Nitro during an interview Savage’s former valet Elizabeth admitted feelings for her former lover. Savage was seen leaving the building and getting into a limbo in what could have been the scene from a soap opera.

The following week Eric Bishoff showed Savage video footage of Hogan and other N.W.O members bullying Elizabeth into making the video. During the video Elizabeth accused Hogan of ruining her life twice.


Bishoff claimed he had to show Savage the footage so Savage would know it was legit. Savage responded saying that he understood that friends, relationships, and marriages are fragile but then Hogan so is life. With his words the stage was set for Halloween Havoc of 1996


In the early part of the night Dean Malenko became the new cruiserweight champion. Then came Jericho against Styxx. It looked as thought Jericho would win but we all forgot about that corrupt referee Nick Patrick. Jericho was cheated out of the victory with slow counts and we were on to The Giant against Jeff Jarrett. This ended in a disqualification finish thanks to Ric Flair interference.


The tag titles changed hands when the Outsiders defeated Harlem Heat. Not cleanly but then that was not the order of the day. An interesting note here is that despite the heel like antics of the Outsiders they were cheered during the match. A sign perhaps that times were changing.


Clocking up a lot of momentum Hogan was up against Savage in the main event. Elizabeth did interfere to help Savage but the Giant was the difference maker choke slamming Savage to the floor. The N.W.O did not have long to celebrate however. Rowdy Pipper last seen in the WWF as their interim president came out to confront Hogan.


His argument was a reference to their days in the WWF. Piper felt the only reason the crowd cheered hogan was because they hated him so much. He believed himself part responsible for making Hulkamania