WWE Live In London: My Road to… House Show… Yeah

It is 11th March 2016. and the finale leg of my road to WrestleMania. A buddy of mine (Who this week goes under the name Dave Ings) had been unable to make the trip to Dallas. This wasn’t for the lack of trying, our travel agent had said we could add to the booking and we could. Just not the correct flights and / or  hotel.

Then the news broke.. The WWE were bringing a big scale event to the UK. The following was reported by The Sun Newspaper in the UK.

The official announcement said: “WWE will return to London this autumn for a special, one-night only event due to overwhelming demand by UK fans to see their favourite WWE Superstars and Divas in action.”

It is exciting news for wrestling fanatics within these shores as it will be the first main roster special event in the UK in 13 years, the last being Insurrextion in 2003.

This was brilliant. The WWE bringing a PPV (well network special) to the UK. I booked our tickets that same evening. Then a week later news reports stated that this event WOULD NOT be a network special. The TV camera’s wouldn’t be coming.

A voice in my head began mumbling.

House Show.. Yeah.. House Show 

Although a little discouraged, I figure okay, but it will be a one off not televised special so the matches should be  quite big! Then we’ve had the roster split. Effectively this means that our One Night Only House Show.. Yeah..   Special event will have  1/2 the names it could have had.

There are mumblings of additional PPV’s and Network Specials to accommodate the two separate brands. The 02 in London is a big venue. I would like to think that the WWE have something up their sleeve that will make this one off   House Show special event a big deal.

Vince Mcmahon commentated for most my childhood. He was awful but he did have a saying that…

“On any night anything can happen in the WWF”

I’m holding out hope that this rings true years later. Because right now… I feel a tad misled by the way this special has been portrayed.

I Still don’t know exactly what I’m going to see on September 7th In London.

House Show.. Yeah.. House Show