WWE Network Or Sky Sports

After many many years it finally happened to me! 

I have become that wrestling “fan” who doesn’t watch WWE’s Weekly flagship program Monday Night RAW. But I don’t class myself as a lapsed Wrestling fan. I watch WWE NXT each week as well as their quarterly Takeover events. In fact if I total the amount of time I watch Wrestling it’s about the same as when I watched RAW.. 


I Blame the WWE Network and the way Sky is priced here in the UK. 

Let me explain. 



For £9.99 a month on the Network I get (in terms of actual in ring stuff) 


WWE PPV events (a 3 or 4 Hour special event every month. The main WWE Roster and the biggest title matches etc. These are the ones everyone has heard off Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series)

WWE NXT and Takeover – (Quarterly 2 hour event and weekly 1 hour TV show featuring WWE’s developmental roster)

WWE Superstars – (Weekly 1hr show featuring WWE’s under card.. And always covers 2 to 3 of RAW’s Main events)

The Week in WWE – (Supposedly a recap show. But it’s low on actual match highlights and instead tends to be a magazine type show)

(Anyone with a connected device for WWE Network should add the WWE youtube channel as well. This includes Highlights of the main shows. Plus it’s Free if you can stand a shed-load of advertising 



Sky Sport’s cheapest subscription is £31.99 a month. That would get me

RAW Live – WWE’s Biggest shows – but as I mentioned, it’s biggest matches are covered in WWE Superstars on the Network

Smackdown – WWE’s B show. Interesting to see what happens when this one moves to USA network in the US, Because it’s one of the only shows not comprehensively covered on WWE Network 

Main Event – Used to be quite a big show. Now seems to be 3 – 4 matches featuring the WWE mid carders. 


I did the maths. For me the WWE Network and a pick and mix of the RAW highlights was the best way to go. The biggest hits of RAW will all be on their YouTube and Highlights shows. 

The Decision on Sky Sports ultimately comes down to how many other sports you follow. 

For me personally, It’s too expensive. I would only watch WWE. So the Network is the best value.