WWE Without Sky Sports? Just Wait 30 Days

So WrestleMania is over, this leads to the post ‘Mania blues. I made a decision to stop watching WWE (except NXT) for the month after ‘Mania. My reason… The WWE Network subscription just got the added value of both Raw and Smackdown.

WWE’s Flagship show RAW, and it’s Thursday Night show Smackdown, are not shown live on the Network. They are archived 30 days after their original airings (USA Network in the States and Sky Sports shows them here in the UK).

Therefore if you wait 30 days you get the value of first run RAW (well it’s new to me) at the expense of taking away that Internet Wrestling Community involvement (No one wants to comment on a show that’s already last months news).

Watching RAW without the internet live reaction has forced me to focus on what I enjoyed about RAW in the first place. The Wrestling.

Back in the early 1990s it wasn’t uncommon for Wrestling to reach the UK way after the US air date and I enjoyed TNA Wrestling on TWC and Bravo when it was often 6 weeks behind the US.

My advice to anyone without Sky Sports who wants to see the WWE, or indeed anyone who is paying Sky over £30 every month just for WWE programming, is this:

Get the Network and wait a month. You even get all the extra programs and PPVs thrown in too just to sweet the deal!