WWF RAW June 1997-KOTR and Tag tournament, Bearer’s Secret



The KOTR tournament kept the tradition of building new stars. This time HHH won the tournament after a very good final match with Mankind. This KOTR in a sense played a big part in starting both men’s careers. There was a good chemistry in the final and HHH winning fore filled what had been promised to him a year earlier had the curtain call not happened. HHH went from playing a gimmicky blue blood to becoming a serious threat in this tournament but it would take a little longer for the HHH we know today to emerge.


The KOTR was not the only tournament on WWE TV. After Michaels was declared unfit to compete the tag titles could not be defended. The decision was made to have a tag team tournament. The winners of the tournament would go up against Austin and a partner of his choosing for the titles. The tournament came down to the finals by the final RAW of June. The Nation Farooq and Dlo would go up against former tag title holders Owen and Bulldog. The Tag tournament was also used to highlight a feud between the new DOA (Disciples of apocalypse to you and me) and the Nation.


The Nation had been restructured to include Karma (previously from the million dollar team) and long time Nation rival Ahmed Johnson. The team was stylized to look and sound like a black power movement. Their rivals the DOA rode motorcycles and had shaved heads. It was another step towards edgier content. This one however came across a little in bad taste.


Elsewhere the soap like storyline between Paul Bearer and The Undertaker climaxed with the Undertaker attacking Bearer on 30th June 1997 edition of RAW. Bearer was managing Vader when Undertaker interfered quickly taking out Vader then grabbing Bearer by the throat


Kane is Alive Undertaker. Your brother is alive!” Bearer blurted out.

It was the first mention of Kane on WWF TV. The WWF would wait their time with this one quite wisely playing on the audience anticipation.