WWF November 1995- The Kliq, Diesel gives an anti WWF Promo, and Michaels collapses


November in the WWF is the month of one of their major PPV events the Survivor Series.

At the end of last month and the Michaels, Dean, Razor IYH4 intercontinental title fiasco a lot
of the Internet talk was about a backstage group of wrestlers entitled the kliq. They consisted of
Michaels, Nash (Diesel), Hall (Ramon) and Waltman. In his autobiography Bret Hart says he was
offered a spot in this group that where the motives were to take care of their own. Douglas was
furious over Michaels supposedly refusing to job (loose) at IYH4.

The Kliq have since been acknowledged both on and off screen but in November 1995 the WWF
ran with these stars at the forefront of its programming.


We saw the final act in the slow heel turn of the 123 kid. On the 13th of November edition of RAW
Ramon faced Psyco Sid with the Kid as referee. Kid double crossed Ramon completing his turn and
siding with the evil million dollar team.


In what seemed interesting and fresh (there are still calls to bring it back to this day.) The Survivor
Series included the wildcard match. A match where faces (good guys) teamed with heels (bad guys)
against another mixed team. RAW also heavily hyped the match between Diesel and Bret Hitman
Hart with interviews done via satellite . This match was a big deal for WWF fans. Hart and Diesel
had fought at the Royal Rumble in January and despite many restarts the referee had been forced
to throw the match out. Their rematch was being billed as a final contest where there must be a
winner. It was also a match between two fan favorites.



The Card for the Survivor series was stacked and saw Undertaker and that years king of the ring
Mabel feature in the under card. team Darkside took on team Royal and won. Alundra Blayze
wrestled the Survivor series with a series of opponents from Japan as well as Bertha Faye. Bertha
was a womans wrestler whose romance with manager Harvey Whippleman was played mostley for
comedy. Goldust was featured in a one on one match against Bam Bam Bigalow. The match was to
be Bigalows last with the WWF. He lost to the new bizarre character.


The shock of November came when Hart was able to defeat Diesel taking the WWF title. Diesel
had been the WWF champion for over a year. Shortly after the match Diesel would attack Hart
turning heel. The next night on RAW Diesel interrupted a lower card match and gave a speech on
how now he wasn’t the champion he was no longer a corporate puppet.


This represented one of those rare nods to the backstage workings of the WWF. A promo that
criticized the management of the WWF. This is similar to the WCW acknowledging stories in the
media and is the beginning of the Internet generation of wrestling fans.


It was the same edition of RAW on the 20th November where Michaels faced Owen Hart in the
main event. During the match Owen hit the enzuiguri on Michaels. Everything seemed to be okay
and moments later Michaels had cleared the ring of Hart and was dancing in the middle of the
ring when he collapsed. Emergency personnel and some backstage WWF officials ran to the ring.
Michaels it was reported the next tight had suffered a concussion. At this point he was a major
draw for the WWF and the injury would take him of television for two months.