Monday Night RAW October 1995 Goldust Debuts, the Syracuse Nightclub incident, In your House and the run up to Survivor Series


October on RAW saw challenger British Bulldog heading for Diesel’s WWF Championship. In the last RAW of September Bulldog was able to pin Diesel during a tag team match. The commentators then began to wonder if “Davey Smith had Diesel’s number.”



The events leading up to In Your House 4 (IYH4) were tarnished a little by a real life incident in Syracuse. A group of wrestler’s were attacked outside a night club with Shawn Michaels being beaten up. There is whole wealth of conspiracy theories here from Micheals hitting on a Marines girlfriend with the predictable results to Michaels staging the incident himself to avoid doing a job. Michaels was scheduled to take on Dean Douglas for the intercontinental title at IYH4 but the match was then left up in the air. Either way Michaels had to guarantee that he would be at IYH4 regardless of his condition.


A rivalry from the summer was also revisited when Jerry “The King” Lawler’s evil dentist Isaac Yankem, who later would be known as Kane, fought Bret “The Hitman” Hart. The match would see interfering commentator Jerry Lawler placed in a cage which was then suspended above the ring. During the contest Lawler suffered a nosebleed. Hitman won the contest on RAW by escaping the cage. He had tried the door but that fiendish Lawler had stolen the key.


That month also saw Goldust, who we had seen only through vignettes, make his live TV debut though not yet in the ring. A bizarre character who wore gold, seemed to have some rather suggestive mannerisms and was obsessed with Hollywood. HHH continued his blue blood gimmick with a victory over Doink the Clown. It was announced that he would face Fatu, later known as Rikishi, at IYH4


The 123 Kid’s slow heel turn continued and he and Razor challenged for the Tag Team Titles. It looked like they had the match won at IYH4 when the Kid made a lazy cover and cost the team the match and thus the titles.


So we get to IYH4. HHH gets a win over Fatu in a match that went to around eight minutes. It was around this time people were starting to take a bit more notice of him. Dustin Rhodes’ Goldust character finally made his match debut. His entrance used a wide screen effect along with gold confetti falling from the ceiling. He went on to defeat Marty Jannetty to a hushed response from the crowd.


An emotional Michaels came to the ring and forfeited his Intercontinental Title to Douglas. The celebration was short lived as Douglas was forced to defend his newly acquired title moments later against Razor Ramon. This seemed awfully odd. A man not even booked to be in the title match at a main event walked out with the belt. Odd indeed.


Diesel and Davey Boy aka The British Bulldog fought to a disqualification ending when challenger Davey Boy attacked Bret Hart who was giving special guest commentary on the match. This prompted Hart to get involved in the match and led to confrontation between Hart and Diesel.


Although IYH4 had it’s upside I could not help but see it as a minor event on the run up to the Survivor Series. Up until 1993 the WWF had relied on the big four in terms of PPV. The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series. Two years earlier they had successfully added the King of the Ring as the fifth main PPV. The In Your House series was finding it’s feet but IYH4 felt more like a tool for advancing storylines and feuds in the run up to Survivor Series.


It felt more like a standard episode of RAW than it did a PPV in its own right warranting it’s own PPV money.