WWF September RAW cranks up the cartoons, Takes shot at Nash and Hall


So now the WCW beating them in the ratings the WWF go down a very cartoon route. I admit
at the time as a younger viewer I liked this supernatural cartoon direction the WWF headed.
Compared to what was going on in the WCW however it seemed a little too unreal.


The PPV of the month was named in your house mind games. It was the tenth of the IYH series and
would feature the Undertaker against Goldust as well as Takers arch nemesis of the time Mankind
going against Michaels for the WWF world title. The added incentive here was that it would be a
no holds barred match. So we got a lot of build of how no holds barred favored the slightly crazy


Previously Raw announcer Jim Ross had told the viewers that Diesel and Ramon had come back to
the WWF and on 23rd September he delivered. Well he delivered in a way. Diesel and Ramon the
characters were brought back with two new wrestlers playing the characters. That’s right the WWF
did what many TV shows and soaps try to do. Recasting the guys that left. I think what the WWF
were trying to do here was send a clear shot to WCW that they owned the characters they created.

What it did however was remind WWF fans of how much the product was missing the real
Ramon and Diesel. It did nothing to harm WCW publicity wise, in fact it may have just helped the


The intercontinental title tournament came to a close with Marc Mero (formally WCW’s Johnny B
Badd) won the title against Farooq.


At mind games event British Bulldog and Owen Hart became the tag team champions. The titles
had been passed between the Godwin’s, The Gun’s and the Body Donnas for much of the year. The
story involved Sunny skipping between teams depending on their success (the first WWF Diva you
know). Undertaker pinned Goldust in what was dubbed a final curtain match. It would end the feud
between the two and serve as a momentum building win for the supernatural Undertaker. Then
came the main event.


A casket was wheeled ringside despite the match not being booked a casket match. What followed
tore down the house. Being as concise as I can we had seen the casket was empty earlier in the


After a great match it looked like Michaels would pin his opponent then Vader would interfere
(remember Summerslam) than Psycho Sid came out and took out Vader. The crowd were going
crazy as Mankind got Shawn in his claw finishing move and asked his manager to open the casket.
Undertaker is now in the casket leading traitor manager Paul bearer to.. Well cack his pants.
Mankind makes the save and battles the Undertaker down the isle and it is at this point the referee
throws the whole thing out for disqualification. Yes it was no DQ but there was no one left to fight!

A match that still shows how to do a great DQ finish. Opened up new feuds going forward. It was

the most chaotic match WWF fans had seen since Hart and Diesel